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Sharp Consulting recruits the right person for your requirement. The Sharp recruiting team has your success at heart and we apply this attitude to finding and recruiting the best talent for your IT staffing needs.

Our agency works closely with you to understand and identify your specific job requirements, your workplace culture, development methodologies, and HR processes. Sharp Consulting takes our intimate knowledge of your business needs to seek out active IT professionals that qualify as the most skilled and the best fit for your situation.

We utilize both a highly structured process to source the right candidates. In terms of structured search methodologies, we begin in our exhaustive database of every candidate we have ever worked with in the past – starting where we have existing knowledge of candidates. We then turn to these known resources to see if they are active in the market, or have associates and acquaintances active in the market with the skills our client needs. We also utilize our own online job board, targeted email marketing, and the more productive National IT online job boards. We never know exactly where our inquiries take us once we have reached out to an existing candidate and begin following up on the referrals and friends they recommend. We never confine ourselves to just the structured search, as some of the best candidates are those that had no idea they were actually open to a job offer. The best candidates, especially for permanent IT placements, are frequently organically sourced and are not easily found without the exercise of the art and craft of organic searching.

We can make your selection process far easier by presenting fewer, but more highly qualified candidates, fresh in the market place and more likely to accept a job offer for your IT job. Using PB&A and our permanent sourcing techniques means that you dramatically increase the percentage of qualified candidates submitted for a particular job assignment.