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To put it succinctly – outsourcing is when you, as a business, need an IT project done, and for whatever reason, have none of the resources internally to handle the project.

Outsourcing involves the transfer of the management and/or day-to-day execution of an entire business function to an external service provider. The client organization and the supplier enter into a contractual agreement that defines the transferred services. Under the agreement, the supplier acquires the means of production in the form of a transfer of people, (Talents and Technology) assets and other resources from the client. The client agrees to procure the services from the supplier for the term of the contract.

Outsourcing and off-shoring are often used interchangeably despite important differences. Outsourcing involves contracting with a supplier, which may or may not involve some degree of off-shoring. Off-shoring is the transfer of an organizational function to another country, regardless of whether the work is outsourced or stays within the same corporation/company. Sharp Consulting recognizes there are many benefits to off-shoring from taking advantage of time zones for speed of delivery, to cost savings. However, we have chosen not to participate in off-shoring at this stage, preferring to keep our Talent and Technology resources local, where we can exercise greater control and where our influence and expertise is far stronger.

This is our home. We know the candidates and businesses in this area – many personally. Knowing your business, and knowing our unique regional assets, is a huge benefit to you as our client and our candidate. SHARP stands ready to take on all or part of any outsourcing project needs.

When you need results, rely on SHARP for your solutions, recruiting and staffing needs!